The hinges of our glasses are not like the others you’ve seen.

That’s because they’re constructed in a way that keeps the hinge fully integrated into our frame design. This helps make them super durable and virtually indestructible. It also allows you to easily switch out the temple piece for different colors and adjust the length for a perfect fit.

Check out our video below to learn how to quickly snap your hinges into place.

Here are some instructions for assembling the Fitz hinge:

  1. Hold the hinge end of the temple piece vertically in front of the hole on the inside of the frame (image)
  2. Before insertion, rotate the temple piece 90 degrees towards the front frame (counterclockwise for the right side, clockwise for the left side).
  3. Insert the end of the temple into the hole in the frame.
  4. Rotate the temple piece 90 degrees away from the front frame (clockwise for the right side, counterclockwise for the left), until it snaps into place inside the frame.
  5. You’re all set! Your frame and temple are now assembled and you can open and close the temple normally. 

To disassemble the Fitz Hinge: 

  1. Close the temple piece so that it is in the folded position.
  2. Rotate the temple 90 degrees towards the front frame (counterclockwise for the right side, clockwise for the left side) until you feel it snap out and come loose from the frame. 
  3. Remove the temple piece by pulling it out of the hole in the frame. 
  4. You’re all done! You can now swap out your temple piece for another sizes or color.

Extra Temple: 

We no longer provide extra temple lengths by default with each order, however if you need a different temple length we are more than happy to make you the correct size. Please reach out to our customer service team here who can assist you in getting the perfect fit for your Fitz Frames.