They say you are the company you keep, and Roosterco is the most fun out there. Its cat eye flare and slightly elongated lens bring hype and style to every day.

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When it comes to these glasses, there aren’t more fish in the sea. Our Fisher design features a one-of-a-kind full view lens for optimal visibility, and soft edges to its funky square frame.

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You don’t just go with the flow, you’re a whole wave of individualism. Our Flowmingo frames take everything you love about a classic square look, and then flips it into a new daring design.

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Meet The Artist

Carlos Álvarez, or “El Crac,” is a vibrant, fun-witted artist from Los Cabos, Mexico. His specialization in energetic colors and captivating characters are a true testament of individualism, which is why he’s the perfect Fitz fit for our artist collaboration.

Whether you’re a Fisher, Roosterco or Flowmingo, wear your glasses proudly knowing the smile you’ll have will reflect right back to you from others. 

Want to learn more about Carlos? Check out his work here. Or follow him on Instagram and share your love of the new frames.

All glasses purchased directly from our site come at a predetermined size. Custom-sized pairs are not available on our app at this time.