The Fitz Way

Proudly based in Youngstown, Ohio, Fitz was created with one giant question in mind, “how do we create glasses that not only compliment someone’s face, but their entire lifestyle?” From there, the beauty unfolded. And it all started with consideration – for those wearing our glasses, the way we manufacture, how we print and ship each pair, and the ultimate desire to make the entire experience seamless. We even went as far as creating custom-fitted, one-of-a-kind pairs through our app experience. Fitz was made for you, and we hope you enjoy us.

Feel the Difference

To the touch, your glasses will feel slightly textured which makes them virtually non-slip and adventure ready. To the feel, they’re as light as a feather which eliminates those pesky pressure points on your nose and ears. And thanks to our advanced printing method and materials used, your new 3D printed glasses will be the most durable glasses you’ve ever owned.

Fighting Fast Fashion with Fast Fashion

Everyone deserves to have their own style. But we believe it doesn’t have to be at the expense of our planet. That’s why we only print glasses once we receive an order. No back stock. No contribution to the enormous amount of fashion waste. Just really great glasses, exactly when you need them, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

We See You

The beautiful thing about our glasses, besides the stunning colors and styles, is our ability to cater to all face shapes and sizes. From high bridged noses to low, ages young to not as young, and every life factor in between, our technology allows for a groundbreaking level of inclusion that was yet to be seen in our industry.