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About Fitz

What is Fitz’s Mission?
Everyone deserves to have their own style. But we believe it doesn’t have to be at the expense of our planet. That’s why we only print glasses once we receive an order. No back stock. No contribution to the enormous amount of fashion waste. Just really great glasses, exactly when you need them, with a significantly reduced carbon

What is Fitz?
Fitz is a made-to-measure custom eyeglasses company. Using our easy-to-use app to take precise measurements of your face, we 3D print custom eyeglasses in a wide range of styles and colors, and use a
variety of lenses. We also employ an Augmented-Reality virtual try-on that
allows you to choose the style and color that best suits your unique
personality, all without having to set food in a store. In addition to
prescription lenses, we offer non-prescription sunglasses and blue-light glasses.

3D Printing & The Glasses

What is 3D printing?
3D printing or additive manufacturing, is a process of building three dimensional objects from a digital file. In 3D printing, the object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is fully formed. This technique is used extensively in medical devices (like custom implants), aerospace (yes, rockets), and now glasses. Additive manufacturing allows us to create a new, fully custom pair of frames from the ground up for each and every one of
our customers. And
them to customize the inner temple with their name, favorite animal, or phone number.

Where are Fitz Frames made?
We are proud that all
Fitz glasses are both designed in the USA and manufactured at our facility in Youngstown, Ohio.

Where are Fitz Frames made?
We are proud that all Fitz glasses are both designed and manufactured in the USA.

Why is there a warning sticker in my box?
Prop 65 is a law which
requires that all Californian companies who have polycarbonate in their product include this warning.
We are a California based company and adhere to the FDA requirement and Proposition 65 law which requires that all medical devices include a notification if there
is a possibility of trace amounts of BPA. Our lenses are made of polycarbonate as required for children’s glasses.

Detachable Temples

What’s up with the detachable temples?
Each pair of Fitz glasses is manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of your face; therefore each pair of glasses feature custom detachable temples. Everyone’s face is different, and sometimes even two sides of your face can differ by a few mm. For further information regarding the temples please reference our website.

How do I detach the temples?
Please reference our hinge page for instructions on how to detach the temples.

Lose a temple?
We’re happy to send you a replacement pair for a small fee. Just email

Are the new quarter-twist temples compatible with the original snap-fit frames?
Unfortunately no, but we’re happy to provide existing customers with a discount code if you’d like to upgrade.

Fitz App

Which mobile devices does Fitz currently support?

I can’t get the app to download. What should I do?

Our app requires an iPhone X, XR or XS, or XS Max. If you have one of these models and you’re still having trouble downloading the app, try restarting your phone. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us either by email or by phone at or 1 (833) SEE-FITZ, 1 (833) 733-3489.

I am receiving an error message. What should I do?
If you’re repeatedly receiving an error message, please fully close the app and reopen to try again. If you still see errors, try restarting your phone. If neither of these options work, please contact us either by email or by phone at or 1 (833) SEE-FITZ,1 (833) 733-3489.

Are my my measurements stored?Can I use them for an order at a later time?

Yes! All measurements are securely stored in our system.Just log into your account in the Fitz Frames
app to see your measurement information and use them to re-order at any time. Kid’s faces can change quickly, so if it’s been a while, you can also update your child’s profile with new measurements. Please note the My Account feature is only available via the Fitz Frames app. .

Are my children’s measurements stored? Can I use them for an order at a later time?

You can currently download our app to any iOS device, however, in order to purchase glasses, you will need to order from an iPhone X, XR or XS, or XS Max. These phones include a depth camera (not available on earlier versions of iOS devices) which allows us to take precise measurements of your face. We are currently working on an Android app - stay tuned for information on the release.Yes! Your child’s measurements are securely stored in your account. Just log into your account in the Fitz Frames app to see your child(ren)’s measurement information and use them to re-order at any time. If it’s been a while, you can also update your child’s profile with new measurements.

How can I see my (or my child’s) prescription information?

If you’ve added prescription information as part of an order, it’s automatically associated with the particular profile. Should you need to access it, please contact us either by email or by phone at or 1 (833) SEE-FITZ, 1(833) 733-3489. Stay tuned - you will soon be able to sign up for reminders when it’s time for your kids’ next vision checkup!


What do I need to do to place an order?

We try to keep things
as simple as possible at Fitz.All you
need to do to place an order is download the Fitz Frames app from the iOS app store. Within the app, you’ll be able to measure your face, choose the style and color of your frames, and even see what you will look like in our glasses through augmented reality. It is helpful
to have a copy of your prescription handy as you place your order, but that can be sent in after you complete your purchase (see Prescriptions). Orders can also be
placed via Please note we do not currently offer custom sizing for all styles that are available on the website.

Can I purchase just the frame? Then take that to get the prescription filled locally?

Fitz is not currently permitted to ship frames without lenses.

Can I order a pair of replacement temples?

Should you need replacement temples, we will do our best to accommodate you. Simply email us at or call us at 1 (833) SEE-FITZ, 1 (833) 733-3489. Please include or be ready with the order number you used when you placed the original order.

How do I check the status of my order?

To check on the status
of an order, go to the My Account Tab and select My Orders in the Fitz Frames App. For website only orders please contact our customer support team at or 1
(833) SEE-FITZ,1 (833) 733-3489.

How do I order multiple pairs of glasses with different prescriptions?
It’s easy! The Fitz app allows for the creation of multiple profiles under one account. Simply use the app to measure each person and enter the name to generate a profile. After adding a pair of glasses to your cart, select “Use Existing Measurements” and select the appropriate profile. Please note we are not currently offering prescription glasses via our website.

What if I need to change or cancel an order?

We’ll do our best to accommodate cancellations or changes to your order, but we cannot guarantee
cancellation once the glasses have already been printed (usually 24 hrs after the order has been placed).The best way to change or cancel an order is to call us at 1 (833) SEE-FITZ,1 (833) 733-3489.


I have a high prescription.Can you fill the order?
We can currently fulfill single vision prescriptions of +-6.0 sphere (SPH) and up to 2.5 cylinder (CYL). If you or your child’s prescription falls outside this range we may still be able to fill it as a special order. If this is the case or you have any questions about what we can offer, please contact us via email or phone at or 1 (833) SEE-FITZ,1 (833) 733-3489.

  1. How do I submit my prescription?
    Whenever you add a pair of frames to your cart in the Fitz App, you will be prompted to submit your prescription. This feature is only available in the app. When you place your order in the app you will be promoted to submit your prescription. You can choose one of several options:

    1) Upload an image of your eyeglass prescription to your order - simply snap a photo.

    2) Submit your doctor’s contact information (we’ll contact them for you to obtain your prescription)

    3) Elect to send your prescription to us later at  If you’ve selected this option, we’ll email you after you’ve completed your order to remind you. 

What if my prescription changes?
We’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to your order.  If you do have changes to your prescription, please email or call as soon as possible at or 1 (833) SEE-FITZ,  1 (833) 733-3489.

I would like to place an order for glasses, but I don’t have my prescription.  Can I do this?
Yes! Simply take your child’s measurements, make your eyeglass style and color selection on the app, choose the type of lens you would like (basic Rx, blue light, sun etc) and elect the option to send us your prescription later at Please note that we will not begin processing your order until we have your prescription. If you’ve elected to email us later, we’ll email you after you’ve completed your order to remind you to submit your prescription.

How do I obtain a prescription?
Make an appointment with your local optometrist or ophthalmologist, or find an available doctor through an online medical service. Be sure to ask your doctor to include your pupillary distance (PD) on your prescription.

Product Inquries– Frames and Lenses

Can I order frames without lenses?
In order to ensure the highest quality product and fit, Fitz only ships complete sets of glasses (frames plus lenses).

Do you offer Bi-focals or Progressives?
We do not currently offer bi-focals or progressives. We do offer single-vision readers when accompanied by a prescription.

Shipping, Returns, and Cancellations

Where do you ship?
We ship within the continental US.  We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico with additional ship time.

Do you offer free shipping?
All orders ship for free. 

When should I expect to receive my glasses?
We aim to deliver your glasses to you in 2-3 weeks once we have received your prescription. Complicated prescriptions may require additional time but we will keep you informed of delivery dates via email and in the app. Website purchase will ship within 3-5 business days. 

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Need your glasses in a hurry? Please contact customer support for rates and delivery times at or call us a +1 (833) SEE-FITZ, 1 (833) 733-3489.

What is your order change and cancellation policy?
Each pair of Fitz Frames is uniquely made for each individual, so glasses that we’ve already printed for one customer cannot be reused or resold to another. We’ll do our best to accommodate cancelations or changes to your order, but we cannot guarantee cancelation once the glasses have already been printed (usually 24 hrs after the order has been placed).  The best way to change or cancel an order is to call us at 1 (833) SEE-FITZ,  1 (833) 733-3489.

How do I set up a return or exchange?
Call us at 1 (833) SEE-FITZ, 1 (833) 733-3489 or email us at to get a return authorization (RA) number. We can not accept returns without an RA.

How do I get a lens replacement?
Should you need a lens replacement due to normal wear and tear, please contact us at  If you ship back your glasses, we’ll be happy to replace the lens for a fee.  Please ask us about pricing and turnaround time.  If there is a manufacturing defect upon receipt of the glasses, that will be covered under our warranty. Please contact us at to generate an RA number so we can begin processing your replacement.


Payment and Gift Cards

How do I obtain an itemized receipt?
A receipt will be emailed to you via your shipping confirmation email. If you need another copy, email us at

What types of payment does Fitz accept?
Fitz accepts all major credit cards and Apple Pay.  All purchases currently must be made through the Fitz Frames app.  Payments can not currently be registered through the website.

Do you offer gift cards?
We do! They’re the perfect last-minute gift for that hard-to-fit person on your list, during the holidays or throughout the year. You can buy them here and redeem in the app.

Warranty and Repair

What is your warranty and repair policy on frames and lenses?
Up to one year.  We will repair any manufacturing defects on the lens and manufacturing defects or damage to the frames from normal use within a year of delivery. Please contact customer support to initiate your return and repair. Glasses must be returned.

Flexible Spending and Insurance

Does Fitz accept insurance?
While we are not currently in network with any vision insurance plans, you can submit your receipt from Fitz Frames for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses to your insurance company.  If you require more detailed information about your prescription order, send your request via email to As every vision plan is different, we suggest that you contact your vision insurance provider to find out how you can get reimbursed.

Does Fitz accept FSA or HSA?
Yes! If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you can also use it to purchase prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses so long as your FSA or HSA account is affiliated with a major credit card.

Press Inquiries and Retailers

PR inquiries?
Please email

I am an eyeglass retailer or other type of retailer.  How do I contact Fitz about business development opportunities?
Please email

Contact Us

How can I reach Fitz with inquires?
You can reach us via:
Phone: +1 (833) SEE-FITZ,  +1 (833) 733-3489.
Snail Mail: 3019 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 139, Santa Monica, CA 90403

How quickly can I expect a response from Fitz?
We do our best to respond as quickly as possible. If we are helping another customer, we will get back to you within 24 hours.  Our hours of operation are M-F 5am - 9pm PT and Saturday and Sunday 6am - 6pm PT.  For order related questions, please allow additional resolution time during the weekends and holidays