What to Do When Your Child Loses Their Glasses

They’ve disappeared … again. Yes, your kid has misplaced their glasses for what seems like the hundredth time this month. Wait! Don’t pull out your hair in despair! Lots of kids go through phases of constantly losing glasses and your child is no different. Now – how do you help them find those lost glasses? And how do you help them keep better track of them going forward?


Not all misplaced glasses are quite as easy to spot…

Not all misplaced glasses are quite as easy to spot…

Look Wisely and Retrace Their Steps

Your first urge may be to panic and rush around searching wildly, especially if the glasses went missing at a busy time, such as right before school or on the way out the door for a vacation. Resist the urge to freak out, and help your child stay calm. Ask them to visualize what was happening the last time they had their glasses on. Go back through the day, step by step, tracing the glasses to the best of their memory. The right memory is probably lurking just below the surface, and a thorough retracing of the events of the day may trigger them to remember the key moment when they set their glasses down somewhere unusual. Enlist the aid of anyone else around you. Friends or family members may remember seeing the missing glasses somewhere.

Build Responsibility

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the bigger picture. Finding lost glasses is important but teaching your child responsibility for their own eyeglasses is a long-term goal that’s worth more than fixing the immediate problem. A few practical changes may help: provide them with a stylish case that they like and remembers to use, and have a designated glasses spot in their bedroom for overnight storage. Give daily reminders like “if they’re not on your face, put them in the case,” and encourage them to develop a constant awareness of their glasses as a valuable possession to be cared for. Responsibility doesn’t come overnight but requires consistent, patient reminders.

Have A Backup

You may find yourself with a serious problem if your kid’s glasses are lost and they just can’t carry on without them. For children with major vision impairment, even a day without glasses may be nearly impossible to navigate (check out Heidi’s recent experience with this while on vacation). Fitz Frames’ subscription program allows you to replace glasses easily in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe. And the durable design of Fitz Frames makes frames and hinges extra-strong and resistant to breakage. So even when your best efforts at locating missing glasses come up short, with the annual subscription you’ll have a reliable backup plan in place.


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