Keeping Your Eyes Germ Free

Keeping Your Eyes Germ Free

Hi Fitz Friends,


Hope you are hanging in during what has felt like the most surreal/scary extended period of time for many of us as parents. As I’m trying to desperately keep all of the hands clean in my household, a few things have occurred to me that have helped me and my family and I wanted to share them with you: 


1. It feels really good to rub your eyes!  I do this more than I realized and am constantly potentially infecting a key portal of the body with germs. One thing that has actually helped is wearing my glasses during the day. I tend to touch those instead - saving me from germs as I work on the computer, touch my car steering wheel, pick up my phone, credit card, etc. 

2. Therefore, I need to keep not only my lenses, but also my glasses (and my kids glasses) clean. I’m pretty good about keeping our lenses clean, but the frames? I can’t remember the last time I did that before this virus broke out. I have also noticed my kids (and a few adults) putting glasses into their mouths (which I highly discourage) keeping them clean really is crucial. And for those that are switching back and forth from sunglasses to reading to bluelight etc., it can be easy to forget to continually clean all of these.  

 And at the risk of a shameless plug,  Fitz Frames are particularly easy to wash because I can pop the temples off and make sure every crevice is clean. I may experiment with the dishwasher later tonight to see how that goes (warning - please don’t try at home - yet)!

3. Remember to use soap, water and a soft cloth when cleaning the glasses and lenses. This works better than paper towels, tissues, etc. which can scratch and damage lenses. Most glasses cleaning cloths can be thrown in the washing machine a few times and reused for months or, even years. 

4. Please make sure you have a pair of back-up glasses. It is truly a nightmare for a child (or an adult) who needs prescription glasses to be without them. No one wants to run to multiple stores right now and it’s tough to force a pair of glasses on a kid just because they are available. 

5. We are all on a lot of screens, especially considering the current environment. It’s important to remember this increase adds additional stress on the eyes. Bluelight glasses filter out harmful emissions from screens and they can also protect sleep cycles - which we all really need right now. Studies are still being conducted on the effects of bluelight, but at a minimum, filters and breaks during the day are recommended by eye doctors.


Hope this was helpful to other glasses wearing households! Between Rx, sunglasses and blue light filtering - we are in this together! If you need help with your family’s eyeglass needs, please reach out to us. Our team is working hard to expedite orders and make 100% of our glasses proudly in the USA. 




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