Got Backup Glasses?

At Fitz we firmly believe in the Scout motto "Be prepared". September is Emergency Preparedness month. (Turns out there’s a month for that.) As parents, we do our best to be prepared for the worst. We make a plan, we build a kit, we talk to our kids, but sometimes we can get overwhelmed by daily life and forget the obvious, but incredibly important... backup glasses.


This is the moment to get prepared, and have that backup pair on hand. None of us knows when disaster will strike and without the glasses you (and/or your kids) need, life is virtually impossible.



As summer draws to a close, much of the country is experiencing yet another catastrophe - Hurricane Ida and its aftermath in the East, and forest fires and smoke in the West. In New York, where I’m located, many of us prepared for the worst with Hurricane Henri but got through without much trouble. Then Ida came in with a vengeance, causing loss of life and destruction in seven states. Meanwhile, for my friends and our Fitz team members on the West Coast this year’s fire season has been particularly relentless.

For everyone out of harm’s way for the moment, consider putting together your family emergency preparedness kit now. There is a helpful list of suggested items here. And please do not forget backup glasses! At Fitz, we understand that for most of our customers, glasses aren’t just an accessory, they are a necessity. We are juggling so many needs at the moment, given the additional obstacles and challenges we are handling with Covid, backup glasses are a critical to-do that can fall by the wayside. Even if you have backups, oftentimes kids don’t want to wear them if they are different from the pair they are used to. 

Our subscription plan covers your first two pairs, and makes for an affordable backup option: one to wear everyday, and one identical replacement pair that you know your child is happy to wear if the first pair goes missing. It’s easy peace of mind that fits snugly into a school locker, a backpack, or in the glove box in the car. Reorders take less than 90 seconds, and you only pay for lenses and shipping.


Whether you’re an existing Fitz customer or not, if you or your family have been impacted by the recent natural disasters and you’re in need of glasses, please reach out to or (833) SEE-FITZ (833-733-3489).


We’ll find a way to get you a discounted pair as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. If you don’t have your prescription handy, don’t worry. We can get it from your doctor for you.

Take care and stay safe out there,


Heidi & Team Fitz

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