Meet Fitz!

Meet Fitz!

Welcome to the Fitz Blog! I would like this to be a helpful resource for families to learn about eye health and eyeglasses. I decided to start Fitz after many years of navigating the optical world for my kids. I’ve never worn prescription glasses myself, so I had a lot to learn.

We parents are busy! ….We have after school activities, doctor and dentist appointments, family vacations and a million other things to juggle. With that in mind, I wanted to solve eyeglasses for both parents and kids. I know firsthand how easy it is to overlook vision-related issues because they’re not always obvious. Often, kids don’t even realize there’s a problem—they don’t know what they can’t see!

Your kid’s glasses should be as awesome and unique as they are. Our 3D technology allows kids to make glasses custom fitted for them —and only them! It’s not just about eyeglasses. We will keep you informed on how to care for your family’s eyes by sharing everything we know about the topic, which will range from behavioral issues to self-confidence and social challenges. Then there’s the fun stuff like fashion trends and the latest in frame technologies!

Thanks for visiting. We are thrilled to solve glasses for kids and parents everywhere and are so happy there’s a Fitz for every face!


Heidi Hertel

CEO, Founder of Fitz Frames

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