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Wow, what a year 2020 has been! Many of us are getting ready for our children to go back to school and never before has that meant so many different things. Families have had to make decisions on homeschooling, in-person school, pods and even gap years. In the last five months, many of us have also had to rethink and reinvent what their “child’s classroom or office” looks like. 

What does this have to do with eyewear? We are glad you asked. According to the Nielsen Company, in 2019 Americans spent over 10 hours a day on their computers, smartphones, TV and gaming consoles. While the 2020 report won’t be published for another few months, it’s safe to say it will surpass the historical growth of an hour increase year over year.

What does that mean for our eyes? Damage. Fatigue. Headaches. Sleep disruption. 

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We are encouraging parents, kids, college students, and grandparents to wear blue light filtering glasses while using their devices. You can reference our Got Blue Light? blog post for all of the reasons why it’s crucial to filter out the harmful light emitted from devices, but as we get ready to conquer Fall, here are a workplace pro tips:


The Zoom School - Pro tips

Study nook: Personalize your kiddo’s area with a comfortable chair (and armrest!) Consider purchasing a standing desk or a device to place on the desk so they may prop their laptop to study while standing. Make it their own with a calendar, decor, pencil case and charging station for devices. 

Book bag: Keep your kids in a routine and have them “prep” their bags and workspaces the evening before to minimize morning chaos.

Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated with an H20 bottle ready to go.

Snack prep: Many schedules, at home or in class, offer a 15 min snack period. For Zoom environments, snack prep before the start of the morning and keep it close for easy access.

The Zoom Office: Sanity Musts

A semi-quiet work space: If space allows, a standing desk (we have even seen fun, treadmill desks!) and ergonomic chairs to protect your neck and back. 

Device charging station: Find one that allows for multiple devices to be juiced up simultaneously.

Headphones: White noise is great for babies but we need to be able to hear our Spotify playlist and calls effectively. 

H2O: Sounds obvious but how many times have you glanced at the clock and thought, “Wow, it’s noon and I haven’t had any water today?” Keep your coffee hot or, water ice cold with a personalizable Thermos - (bonus points if your company sends you one!)

Fresh blooms / plant: Treat yourself to fresh flowers or, more sustainable succulents. Live plants bring oxygen into your home - Areca Palms are biologically engineered to release the most oxygen! 

Must have for all: Blue light glasses to filter out the harmful light. 

Trust us on this one. We offer bespoke eyewear in both prescription and non-prescription options. If you don’t love your glasses after 30 days, just send them back and receive a full refund. 

As we venture into Fall let's all have an attitude of gratitude. Truly, your attitude is the one thing we have control over and positivity is the best way to start everyday. 


With gratitude, 


Team Fitz 

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