3 Tips for Cleaning Glasses

Let’s be real: Expecting a kid’s glasses to be free of smudges, grime, and scratches for any significant amount of time is a pipe dream. But with a little attention, you can extend their life and even keep the sticky germ factor to a (relative) minimum. Read on for a few practical tips on keeping your child’s glasses in good shape.



Promote proper storing

One of the best ways to keep glasses in top shape is to store them in a hard-sided case whenever they’re not in use. At Fitz we like to say “On the face, or in the case!” Of course, with kids, it takes some reminding. To get them in the habit, try offering a small reward whenever they put their glasses in the case. Mix it up with stickers, temporary tattoos, or a quarter in their piggy bank. (Whatever the reward you choose, it’ll definitely be cheaper than replacing lenses on the regular!)


Wipe with care

Tissues are great for noses but not so great for glasses. Ditto for paper towels or toilet paper: The wood pulp used to create these paper goods can make fine scratches on lenses, which eventually leads to permanently hazy vision. You will also want to steer clear of using your shirt, sweatshirt, baby wipe etc. Instead, polish glasses with a microfiber cloth. Fitz provides you with a cleaning cloth that’s reusable.  You can also throw it in the washing machine to refresh it.


Use water when cleaning

Glasses look their best when cleaned everyday. Even with microfiber, any dust and debris on a dry cloth might lead to scratches, so remember that wetter is better. Luckily, the best cleaning solution is also the simplest: Warm water with a little bit of dish soap. Start by wetting glasses under warm water, then use a dot of soap on each lense, working a lather with your fingers. Be sure to spread the soapy water all along the frame as well, especially around the bridge and temples. Rinse, shake off excess water, and then dry thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth. Try to clean your kids’ glasses when they wake up in the morning. Giving them the clearest way of seeing is a great way to start their day!



Does your child love to help with the housecleaning? Lucky you! Consider tapping into their inner neatnik and stocking their school pack with a few pre-moistened lens wipes so they can care for their own glasses on-the-go.


Happy cleaning!


- The Fitz Family


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